Semi Frameless Pivot Doors

Bathrooms are almost always tiny spaces where people cram the shower, the toilet, the sink, and various storage units. It can be quite difficult to move inside given all of these elements obstructing the path. Sometimes, the best way to solve the problem is to take on a full renovation. Rationalize the bathroom plan by putting things where they should belong. Take out obstructions and install better options in their place. A good example would be semi frameless pivot doors. These are popular shower additions that keep the moisture inside to keep the rest of the area dry. The benefits of using these are as follows:

Slim Profile

These divisions use either glass or acrylic sheets. Therefore, the walls can be made extremely thin to the order of about a centimeter or so. Compare this to hollow blocks that are several inches in thickness. The edges may emply strips of metal for structural rigidity. The glass wall may cover a single side or two sides in the case of a corner shower. Instead of a square design, homeowners may opt for a more sleek curved assembly. Both are equally valid if the sole criterion is to have a slim profile. The top is typically open to allow steam to evaporate and let air inside the enclosure.

Spacious Experience

People will never feel claustrophobic despite the relatively miniscule area inside. This is because the walls are transparent such that there is visual continuity between the interior and the exterior. If you go in, you will not feel as if you were cut off from the rest of the room. Besides, the semi frameless pivot door is so easy to swing if you ever wish to go out. The shell is really just a means of keeping the wetness confined to the shower area such that the rest of it stays clean and dry. This prevents accidents which is important if there are young kids and elderly in the home.

Elegant Design

The style is thoroughly modern with transparent Glass on the sides, minimal silver metal frames at the extremities, and a white ceramic base that catches all of the water. It is as functional as it is beautiful. Owners will be proud to show it off to their guests. The design is clean and unpretentious. A window can be placed on one side to further add light and an illusion of space inside the unit. This works best with white colored tiles or something similar. If you ever choose to sell the house, potential buyers will surely be impressed with this bathroom feature.

Frameless And Semi Frameless Shower Doors

Tub enclosures and shower doors play an essential role in the bathroom. These structures are designed to contain water within the shower and bath where it belongs. However, they also have a great impact on the overall d├ęcor and style of the space. Traditional tub and shower enclosures heavily rely on a metal frame for strength and structural support. Today, homeowners have the option of selecting frameless or semi frameless enclosures. This eliminates frames and uses heavy hardware and thicker glass instead.

Frameless Doors

For structural support, frameless shower doors are reliant on special pivots and heavy-duty glass. These enclosures do not have metal around the moving parts; however, some incorporate tracks or a metal frame along the edges or bottom. Shower enclosures that have metal on any piece of the structure are at times referred to as semi frameless.

Semi Frameless Doors

These doors are deceptively simple yet remarkably stunning. Semi-frameless doors create an amazingly slim profile that sets off the simplicity of the modern aesthetics of a bathroom. There are hundreds of finishes and styles and on at least one side, these doors have a bare glass edge with full framing or partial framing on the other sides.

55bThese types of doors work well in bathrooms with a higher bathroom ceiling. They also work well in bathrooms that require more open space on top of the shower area. Additionally, semi-frameless shower doors not only can make the space look bigger, they can cut down on cleaning time as well. With semi frameless pivot doors, their sleek rounded frame makes cleaning easy.


The best benefit of using semi frameless pivot doors lies in the range of available design options. Frameless tub and shower enclosures are available in a number of different sizes and styles. This enables optimal customization. Based on design and layout needs, the doors can be installed to open in or out. There is no frame to get in the way and as such, frameless doors present a more airy, open feel. This makes an effortless task out of showing off stunning tiles and other features and finishes. Additionally, the lack of frames makes for easier cleaning, as previously mentioned.


Because of the smooth polished edges and heavier glass, frameless enclosures come with a premium cost in comparison to framed shower doors. There is also a lack of sweeps and seals which causes a greater chance of leaks depending on positioning. For instance, having the doors facing the shower flow could result in water leaking out through gaps that are around the doors.