Tips On Choosing Genuine Amber Jewelry

Tips On Choosing Genuine Amber Jewelry

Amber is a unique mineral made from fossilized tree resins; you might be wondering what resin is; these are special fluids that usually oozes from individual trees such as pine, majorly the coniferous ones. These resins’ major components are majorly mosquitoes and ants, among other living things; therefore, amber is more than what you think. It is among the most significant things that scientists use to explore ancient creatures. Here are the tips that will enable you to choose the best Amber Ring or other amber jewelry:

The amber color

Amber is available in many various colors; however, there are the most common ones that can be easily recognized with much straining: yellow and cognac shades. From your preference, you can choose from as many rare colors, like black, green, cherry, white, among others, that will suit the occasion of the jewelry you would want to attend with your ring. The rare colors are always expensive as finding them or coming up with the color needs a lot of experience and other supplements. Green and black are readily available, making them cheap for everyone to afford; therefore, if you are looking for rare and expensive, go for white and cherry, but the black ones will do you better if you need something affordable.


How is amber beautiful? It is a type of gemstone that appears beautiful even more with many inclusions. All types of amber have various inclusions, and the type and number of inclusions available determine how beautiful or shiny it should be at the end. However, there is clear amber which is valuable and preferred by a particular group of people. Still, the inclusion of amber remains outstanding when making various jewelry from shining to the price.

Amber Cut

Amber is usually cut into Cabochons; the round and oval-shaped have become the most famous among amber lovers. However, they can be cut to suit your desired need and requirements, you can choose star, hexagonal, hearts, triangles, pentagons, and any other shape and size you would want to incorporate into your jewelry. Amber is very soft, making it easy for the specialists to cut it; some choose to heat it, making it soft enough to shape it appropriately.


There might be amber imitations in the market; if you are not keen enough, you might end up falling for the wrong amber ring or earrings. You need to identify real amber from fake amber; by doing this, you will be getting your value for the money you pay; amber jewelry is always costly.

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