Supple Reusable Pouch Bottle

Supple Reusable Pouch Bottle

Weaning a baby means introducing other foods of different texture into the baby’s diet. The food is often prepared in puree, or applesauce texture which is easier for the toddler to eat. Since now a toddler is old enough to start learning how to feed on its own, self-feeding time starts to become messy, especially for smooth liquefied solid foods. Therefore, parents and caregivers opt for alternative feeding utensils options besides the spoon and feeding bottle. One of the most preferable options is the reusable pouches with which a child can feed comfortably on liquid and applesauce foods.

Reusable Pouch

It is a plastic or silicon supple container used for feeding. This pouch defers from the pre-made pouches bought in stores in that, foods put in the reusable pouches are home-made and ingredients are integrated in preferred portions. In the long term, the recyclable one is more cost-effective as compared to the pre-made ones. The supple nature allows the baby to press out the food and maintain the flow.

How to clean the bag

In order to properly clean the pouch, one should dissemble the whole pouch. Warm soapy water helps loosen any foods stuck inside the pouch. Using a bottle brush to scrub out the hard to reach remnants ensures that the bottle is cleaned thoroughly and efficiently. Some pouches are made in such a way that there is a sealed opening at the bottom. This opening allows for proper cleaning and refilling.

Pros of using recyclable pouch

The mentioned pouches are efficient in that:

One can use the bottle to carry different foods for the toddler to feed on. It makes it easy to control the child’s diet.
The sacks are environmental friendly as one reuses instead of disposing off after use.

It is efficient for a child that is in the move. The toddler carries the pouch and continues eating while moving around.
The bottles are flexible, unlike normal firm bottles.

Reusable pouches are not only used by babies, but also adults too. Adult bottles are bigger in size and can hold more content as compared to a toddler’s. Endurance athletes find the bottles really useful as one can eat or refresh while on the go. Adult pouches are mostly dishwasher and freezer safe. The bottle is made in a way that, it can stand on its own, with a balanced surface. For the best, durable and eco-friendly experience.

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