School Locker Accessories Every Kid Needs

School Locker Accessories Every Kid Needs

When school is ready to begin, there are plenty of things your children will need. They need new clothes, shoes, book bags and school supplies. One thing that many parents forget is accessories for their children’s school lockers. There are plenty of school locker accessories that will keep your child’s locker more organized and make it more efficient.

1 Magnetic Pencil and Pen Holder

A magnetic pencil and pen holder will stick to the inside of your child’s locker, and they can fill it will all of the writing utensils they will need. This will prevent your child from having to dig to the bottom of their locker looking for something to write with.

2 Magnetic Mirror

Most high school students care greatly about their appearance. If your child doesn’t want to carry a mirror around in their book bag or go to the bathroom to use the mirror after every class, you can get them a magnetic mirror. It will stick to the inside of your child’s locker door, allowing them to fix their hair or makeup every time they go to their locker.

3 Magnetic White Board

When kids are in school, they communicate often. If your child puts a magnetic whiteboard on the outside of their locker, their friends can write messages for them to see, so they won’t need to text in class or pass notes.

4 Locker Answering Machine

If your child wants more privacy than a whiteboard offers, you can buy them a magnetic locker answering machinarivate messages that only your child can hear. This will also prevent your child from texting during class or passing notes.

5 LED Stick-On Light

The light in the school hallway might not be enough for your child to see everything inside their locker. You can get your child a stick-on LED light that will illuminate the inside of the locker with one simple touch.

6 Magnetic Hooks

Most school lockers have two hooks. If your child needs to hang more than two articles of clothing, they can hang magnetic hooks on the inside of the locker, allowing them to keep all of the jackets and sweatshirts hung up.

When getting your child ready for the first day of school, don’t forget about their school locker. The items listed above will keep the locker cleaned and organized and make going to school a little more fun.

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