Medico Legal Assessments – Common Mistakes That May Impact Your Compensation Payout

Medico Legal Assessments – Common Mistakes That May Impact Your Compensation Payout

Medico legal assessments in a personal injury case is a formal written report submitted as proof to a party to a civil suit so that a medical expert witness can provide expert medical testimony regarding the cause and extent of such a person’s injury. If you want to pursue a case, it would be wise to get hold of an experienced personal injury lawyer who knows medical law and various pertinent laws applicable in your state. You need a qualified and competent medical expert to assist you in your legal battle – one who has both the understanding of laws on personal injury and medical malpractice.

Working with Your Legal Representation

When you visit a doctor for medical interventions, you are generally asked for a list of documents, details, and the reason for the visit. The same procedure is followed when it comes to hiring a medico-legal assessments specialist. Your injury lawyer will ask you for a list of medical records, which you will then provide to them. At the same time as these documents are being provided to your injury lawyer, you will also be required to provide your social security number and other basic information.

Need for Assessments

The purpose of gathering this information is twofold; the first is to build your case while you are with your lawyer, and the second is to help your case get stronger when presented before the Workmen’s Compensation Board. A professional worker’s expert witness will review all your medical reports and other related evidence. He will also verify the information provided by your doctor. He will speak on behalf of you in meetings with the board and your insurance company. This is all part of the process known as medical-legal assessments.

Medico-legal reports are not only for workers. Even injured people can take advantage of them if they can afford to do so. The legal documents may help injured people gather the necessary evidence they need to file their claim. This should state the type and nature of the injury, its location, and other relevant details that will prove that the injury has occurred. One of the most common mistakes made by a Medico-Legal Assessor is over-diagnosing a problem or disease. As with any specialist, there will always be certain common mistakes. One example of this is when the doctor tests something and calls it a disease. In order to file a successful personal injury claim, the patient must be able to prove that the doctor diagnosed the condition as a disease.

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