Every Office Space Needs A Sit Stand Desk

Every Office Space Needs A Sit Stand Desk

whether working from home or in a large office, it is helpful to be able to stand several times throughout the work day, to improve circulation in the legs and address leg pain or cramping. However, large offices often don’t make work spaces ergonomic. At home, the work space may be comfortable but there is still a need to move around occasionally.

A sit stand desk is the perfect solution for both home offices and corporate work spaces. It can help alleviate many of the problems associated with sitting too long and can be a way to increase productivity.

There are several models of these desks that can be moved up and down. Some are wider and have room for tons of storage. Others are simply and have enough space for a computer and peripherals. The original brand comes with a wood look work surface and costs between $300 and $700. There are less expensive models that are just as attractive and have the same features, including the wood grain top.

An adjustable height desk makes sense for many situations and many reasons. A work station can be uncomfortable, because workers are different heights and the same desk that works for someone who is 5’10” may not work for someone who is 6’3″ or 5’4″.

Then there are the overuse issues like carpal tunnel. While changing the desk height won’t fix the solution entirely, changing the angle of the wrists can make a difference. An adjustable desk can alleviate leg pain and cramps when raised. It can also reduce stiffness of working in one place for several hours.

At the home office an adjustable height desk is just as important for the same reason. It is professional looking so there is no need to worry that clients or customers may think you’re an amateur.

A sit stand desk is relatively inexpensive, compared to other office equipment. In the home office, it can remind home workers to take breaks. Contrary to popular belief, those who work from home tend to take fewer breaks and work longer hours. They need accommodations that are ergonomic and allow them to change positions just as much as other workers.

Visit an office supply store or go online to compare models, features, and prices. There are probably several models that will work for a specific type of office or situation. An adjustable height desk is a great investment for the home office and the corporate work space.

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