What To Expect From A Carpet Cleaning North Lakes Company?

What To Expect From A Carpet Cleaning North Lakes Company?

A deep cleaning hot water process is needed to remove deeply lodged soils, stains, odours, grime and other foreign objects from the carpets. Standard cleaning process is sufficient to remove most of the spots but there are some stains that require special cleaning process. Carpet cleaning North Lakes company sends special equipment and trained technicians to remove such spots and stains. The affected areas are first treated with a special cleaning solution. Heavy duty carpet cleaning equipment is used for this procedure. Most of the spots are removed during this process but some stains continue to remain visible. It requires a second or even third attempt at cleaning.

The technician first ascertains what caused the stain. Is it due to the juice, wine, food, lipstick or any other coloured material? Acidic ingredients are present in some types of food and drink items. Stains caused by such substances must be removed from the carpet fibres as soon as possible or it leaves deep stains that are difficult to remove. Sometimes home solutions are not sufficient to remove these stains. Bleaching agents are other strong chemicals that cause deep stains on the fibres of the carpets. The bleach can even damage the carpet fibres.

The type of stain removal solution used depends on the chemicals or acidic substance present in the stain. Any information about the cause of the stain is helpful to the carpet cleaning technician, or it can take multiple tries before the stain is removed. Knowing what caused the stain helps determine the right procedure and solution to remove it. It speeds up the process of removing the stains. Extra charges may apply if the stain is difficult to remove and multiple procedures are needed to remove it.

Even after using all stain removing techniques and solutions, there are some stains that are impossible to remove. However, it is not a hopeless situation. This problem can be fixed by using the ultimate bonded insert solution. It involves simply cutting out the stained part of the carpet and replacing it with the same size cut piece from the same or similar carpet. To make sure there are no visible seams, carpet technicians take this decision based on the type of carpet and available replacement options.

It is not easy to remove the pet stains as well. Sometimes simple solutions are sufficient to remove this stain but at other times special cleaning solutions and powerful equipment are needed to remove it. It is important to remove the pet stain as quickly as possible or there is a risk it will stain the carpet permanently. Professional carpet cleaning North Lakes service for a carpet is recommended at least once or twice a year. Carpets placed in the high traffic areas require more cleaning services in a year.

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