Wearable Technology And Email Marketing

Wearable Technology And Email Marketing

Wearable technology has experienced a surge both in sophistication and popularity over the past few years. This trend will surely impact on several aspects of digital marketing, more specifically email marketing and how people interact with their inboxes. Marketers still struggling to create effective mobile strategies may be hard struck by this disruptive, hyped up technology.

Wearable Gadgets and Email Marketing

email3501How exactly these devices will influence digital marketing is still relatively unknown. But one vital aspect of digital promotion that will most certainly experience a drastic overhaul is email. All digital marketers should thus remain vigilant to see how email and wearable tech will interact. This will allow them time to prepare their skillsets and strategies accordingly.

Focus on Wearable Mail Design

The design of mail content targeted towards wearable tech is fast shifting from concept into practice. Though no email clients have been developed yet, this idea will surely be implemented in years to come. One can thus expect a shift of emphasis to concise content over bulky interactive media, with more focus on minimalist text that’s easy to read.

To be fair, this isn’t exactly a novel concept; it already forms an integral part of most successful email campaigns. Some of the new developments include the conveying of short bursts of information and easy feedback via voice command. The subject liens and pre-header text will also have to be extremely brief in order to go well on the small screens of typical wearable devices. Brevity is also vital in compelling the audience to respond with a positive action.

Convincing the Audience to Engage

A recent interesting development is the use of wearable-targeted email notifications to offer product information to clients, often as they pass close to the business’ physical outlet. Such triggered messages, based on temporal geographical context, would greatly help in dealing with some challenges posed by wearable devices. However, such a strategy would require the use of new tactics and subject lines so that they’re compelling and relevant to the audience.

While effective subject lines are a must for any mail marketing campaign, it becomes more crucial when wearable devices are involved. Because of the small screen size, the first thing that most recipients see is the subject line. As such, it’s the sender’s best chance to grab their attention and convince them to engage either immediately or in times to come.

Wearable gadgets will definitely change how people interact with their inboxes. Despite the few limitations, there are also new opportunities in the sense that the gadgets will bring the inbox closer to the audience. Email marketing campaigns therefore need to adapt in light of this development.

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