Use Byron Bay Pendant Lights To Spruce Up Your Space

Use Byron Bay Pendant Lights To Spruce Up Your Space

If you are looking to give your house a luxurious and stylish look, then pendant lighting is what you need to have. These types of lights are commonly used in open floor layouts such as kitchens and dining areas because of their clean look. You can find Byron Bay Pendant Lights and their fixtures in a variety of styles and designs to spruce up your space.

To help you identify and buy the right lights for your home, we’ve prepared this buying guide to help you gain an inner insight before buying one.

Types and Styles of Pendant Lighting

The most conspicuous feature that distinguishes pendant lights from the rest is the fact that hang from the ceiling (either from a chord or a chain). They come in a range of sizes, shapes, styles, and colors from which to choose. Let’s take you through some of the common types of pendants you can find on the market.

Directional Options

Before you decide which type of pendant lighting to purchase, you need to ask yourself whether you want to light the space up or below.

Down Lighting Pendants — Perhaps they are the commonest of all pendants around. They hang downwards from the ceiling so the lights will face downwards. It is a cool choice for most types of spaces since they provide a targeted light for a better view of the space.

Up-Lighting Pendants — They not as popular as down-lighting, but they are still a good idea when you want indirect lighting. You can use them to offer or improve the ambiance of your space.

Depending on your choice of style, and the kind of space you want to illuminate up lighting may just be what you need.

Types of Pendant Lights

Mini Pendants–They are small pendant in size and are good when hanged alongside each other. They are better placed where a little extra lighting is needed such as a sink place, a reading desk or a kitchen island.

Multi-Light Pendants–Multi-light pendants come with several lights so they are better where more illumination is needed. You can find multi-light pendants with two or more lights.

What to Consider

The Style

You need to consider searching for light fixtures that will complement your interior decor. Fortunately, pendant lights come in nearly all decor and style you can always imagine. Whether you are looking for a farmhouse, industrial or modern look, these types of lights will help you achieve a fine look.

The Cost

The purchase price of pendant lighting will depend upon many factors, including the choice of style, color, and the brand, so you need to consider the price and the installation cost so that you work within your budget.


Byron Bay Pendant Lights have become increasingly popular and for a reason — they offer a great look in and offer a great in addition to being the best choice for specific spaces in a house. If you like the kind of luxury that comes with pendant lights, take your time and review some of the best lights that will seem right for your space. Remember your home is where you spend most of your time and that it is the image of yourself, so choose the kind of lights that will give you a dream home.

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