Teeth Whitening In Eastwood

Teeth Whitening In Eastwood

Teeth whitening Eastwood is a common cosmetic treatment that can help you whiten your smile. If you are interested in whitening your teeth, you can only achieve it while you visit highly qualified and experienced dental practitioners in Eastwood. The professionals offer consultancy services before carrying out any teeth whitening treatment. They have two major types of teeth whitening systems:

• In-chair Philips Zoom™ teeth whitening
• Take-home whitening kit

In-chair Philips Zoom™ teeth whitening

This is a procedure carried out in the dentist chair. It is a quick, safe, effective, and convenient process recommendable for patients. Mostly, in-chair teeth whitening produce shades of whiter teeth in an hour or one and a half hour sessions. However, patient results differ depending on their natural teeth and age. To achieve the best results, they recommend both take-home whitening kit and in-chair treatment systems. When the two systems are applied, they keep patients teeth brighter and whiter. Feel free to contact Eastwood Dental to have your teeth whitened by professionals.

Take-home whitening kit

Eastwood Dental further offers take-home whitening kits to help patients have whiter teeth while at the comfort of their homes. This whitening kit is accompanied by a whitening tray and gel that you can apply to yourself as prescribed. Be sure to have detailed instructions on how to use the gel from your dentist.

In Eastwood Dental, we will help you achieve your dental health as we use modern dental techniques, laboratories, and teeth whitening in Eastwood procedures that guarantee best results as we can whiten even the most discolored teeth. We have three 15 minutes sessions meant for consultations. Your new white teeth smile can last for 12-24 months; however, we recommend top-up treatments after every six months aimed to maintain your white teeth. The top-up treatments will cost you $59, but it is worth the service we provide you.

We offer all types of dentistry services that you may need.

We offer:

Preventive dentistry services
Emergency same day Appointments
General family dentistry
Root canal treatment
Dental Extractions
Restorative solutions
Denture work and repairs
Composite Resin veneers
Tooth whitening
Teeth Cosmetic Improvements


Teeth Whitening in Eastwood is done by professionals who use various systems to guarantee you white teeth and results in all dentistry services. Their services are tailored to meet your needs and affordable. While you need your teeth whitened, they are the best and can guarantee results.

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