Why Solar LED Lights Are Perfect For Street Lighting And Other Outdoor Applications

Why Solar LED Lights Are Perfect For Street Lighting And Other Outdoor Applications

Streets can be dangerous at night because danger loves to hide in the darkness. Even if there are no bad elements lurking around, it can be pretty tricky to walk around a city if all you have is the moon shining over you. Streetlights make things much safer for everyone. It allows people to see where they are going and gives them more confidence to roam around. However, the cost of maintaining them is not trivial. They need to be switched on for about 12 hours a day, every single day, rain or shine. Solar LED lights can be considered as an alternative to get the following benefits:

No External Power Source Required

These lamps do not have to draw power from the main grid. They have their own small panels that will allow them to gather sunlight and convert it to electricity. The electrical energy will be stored in batteries throughout the day. This will then be used to power the lamp throughout the night. This is possible only because the LEDs require a tiny amount of energy in order to provide illumination. Side by side comparisons of this technology versus alternatives show that it draws significantly less power. This directly translates to savings since municipal governments do not need to pay the power generators.

Environment-friendly Design

They use a sustainable form of energy to function. Solar energy is abundant and virtually inexhaustible. It will take millions of years before the sun loses steam unlike other fuels that we use today. Fossil fuels, for example, are finite and are projected to run out in the foreseeable future. We need to start looking for other means to power our equipment. The sun is the perfect source. Using solar energy does not result in byproducts that pollute our environment. There are no harmful emissions to worry about. The panels simply collect light in a corner and work silently as intended.

Long-lasting Equipment

There are no vital moving parts in the design of solar LED lights. The panel is stationary and passively collects sunlight. Therefore, there is really not much wear and tear to speak off. The panels tend to have long warranties that last for decades because that is how reliable they are. While these cost higher than the usual street lamp, they last several times long so the investment is worth every cent. The savings on energy consumption add to their financial viability as well. Those who are looking to replace their street lamps or thinking of installing outdoor lights on their property should definitely consider this technology.

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