Practical Tips To Increase Gay Accommodation Bookings In Wollongong

Practical Tips To Increase Gay Accommodation Bookings In Wollongong

It’s undeniable that the LGBT community contributes a sizeable share to the travel industry’s annual income. The Australian LGBT market is worth over $5 billion, and the amount is set to increase as the people become more accommodating to unconventional sexual orientations. Tapping into the LGBT market is a lucrative deal, and one way of doing so is providing gay accommodation in Wollongong. You probably didn’t know that close to 86% of gay people choose accommodation based on its gay-friendliness. But how do you entice the gay community to book your accommodation rentals? Well, besides installing gay-friendly facilities, here are top tips to increase gay accommodation bookings.

Create gay-specific packages

Looking to stand out from other accommodation providers? Well, you need to start thing about offering more unique deals or packages. For instance, create gay-specific Wollongong accommodation deals and promotions if you are keen on attracting LGBT guests. The package can be a combination of accommodation and a local gay club deal specifically for the gay guests. Also, be on the lookout for local gay pride events and accordingly come up with accommodation promotions for the affairs.

Reinvent your images

Images play a vital role in accommodation advertisements and promotions. Being creative when shooting images for your accommodation may bring out a considerable difference in the booking rates. Accompanying your accommodation listing on travel websites with LGBT images will help you stand out as gay-welcoming.

Register with LGBT trade association

To increase your gay-friendliness ratings, join relevant local and worldwide gay trade associations such as the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Associations. Such associations list LGBT-welcoming accommodations that have passed their approval criteria. To qualify for listing, you need to meet some requirements such as providing your employees with gay sensitivity training. Joining gay trade associations is fundamental in scaling up your accommodation’s profile in the gay market.

Work with LGBT partners

It’s necessary to work with websites that target LGBT consumers to increase the visibility of your gay rentals. The association can also bring for you resourceful partnership opportunities. Viable partners to associate with are the providers of gay tours whereby they list your accommodation in their tour packages. Additionally, create a partnership with local gay restaurants and clubs for reference purpose.


By and large, offering gay accommodation in Wollongong is a commendable way to tap into the ever-growing LGBT travel industry. Having constructed your gay-friendly rentals, target LGBT consumers through promotions and partnerships. Creating gay-friendly Wollongong accommodation deals, joining gay trade associations, and partnering with gay consumers websites are some of the ways to increase booking to your accommodation.

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