How To Create The Best Wedding Films

How To Create The Best Wedding Films

The wedding day is one of the most memorable of a couple’s life and so it should be recorded appropriately. Too many couples forget this and so tend to scrimp on the budget for the videographer and yet are surprised by the low quality of the footage when it comes back to them; while most are satisfied, there are a number of horror stories. The takeaway here is that when you are planning your marriage remember that while you can save money by good budgeting, there are just some things that you should not cut corners on. That said, there are some other issues that you need to keep in mind when hiring someone to film your wedding that should change that feeling of surprise from horror to elation.

Be Aware of the Videographer’s Previous Works

Wedding films require a deft hand and attention to detail for the best possible footage. By looking at what he has filmed in the past you can get a better idea of what you can expect and therefore be better able to decide if the person is the right match for your wedding. The key here is that anyone can catch the big moments but not everyone is going to even be looking for the small moments; the look of the mothers or the pride of the fathers is just as important as the happy couple. You need to find someone that can grab those small moments for the best film.

Ignore What You Think You Want

The worst wedding films are those where someone besides the hired videographer decided to direct. This is because the person has a list of shots that they think will make the film better or should be considered mandatory, but sometimes the best shots are not the obvious ones. Also, too many people are constantly worrying about where the cameraman is; the best are usually right where they need to be. The key here is that you need to realize that you are hiring a professional with skills and experience, not your cousin who has taken a semester of film; he knows what he is doing and should be respected as such. Let him do what you hired him to do and your wedding films will be that much better.

In short, look at what he has done in the past to determine if he is a good fit and then let him do his job. Remember to do that and you will be very happy with the memories that are immortalized in film.

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