Guide To Stage Lighting Sydney

Guide To Stage Lighting Sydney

Since the LEDs produce light in the various colors, they can be combined in a cluster of several diodes and be controlled to generate color mixtures or dynamic sequences. Compared with compact fluorescent lamps, better known as energy saving sources, they are interesting because they can project the light much better and concentrate it, therefore, in the points of greatest interest.

The LEDs ensure perfect operation at low temperatures and are resistant to impact and vibration. LED bulbs: energy saving and respect for the environment.
The LED bulbs have a higher efficiency than incandescent ones, but not always, they have an efficiency equal to or higher than that of halogen lamps. Despite this, the high optical efficiency of the LEDs allows to manage the light beam much better and reduce the dispersions so as to bring equally medium-high energy savings on Stage Lighting Sydney.

Also from the environmental point of view the LEDs are superior to the current low consumption solutions since they do not contain mercury. The LED sources currently available on the market are of 2 types: LEDs powered at constant voltage 24V and LEDs powered at 350mA constant current.

LEDs supplied with constant voltage are suitable for decorative uses, for example to define light points or to create luminous lines, to allow parallel wiring and the number of luminaires for each power supply depends on their total power.

LEDs powered by constant current and, also called “power LEDs“, are suitable for decorative applications but at the same time also for light projected by lighting (light and directional cones), the number of LEDs for power supply is linked to the power and voltage that the power supply is can supply.

The first incandescent bulb was invented by Swan, but it was in 1879 that Thomas Edison improved this lighting system, which was able to generate 1.4 lumens/Watts of energy. To date, incandescent lamps use only 10% of energy for light production, while the remaining 90% generate heat.

For this reason, a solution to improve the energy efficiency of your home is advisable to choose LED lamps. The latter, in fact, emit 90% more light than a halogen lamp, and develop only 10% of heat. It must be considered that, globally, external and internal lighting uses 1/4 of the electricity produced for Stage Lighting Sydney.

The LED is an electronic component that, when a minimum current passes, emits a light without infrared and ultraviolet rays, turning on immediately.

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