Getting The Most Of Your Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Getting The Most Of Your Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Whether your aim is to illuminate a specific area of your kitchen or just to update your overall kitchen décor, the right lighting system makes all the difference. Although kitchen lights are considered to be more functional than ornamental, you don’t have stick with a fluorescent panel system reminiscent of your college apartment. Picking a lighting system simply because it’s beautiful may not be the best solution, either. Irrespective of the amount of space you want to light in your kitchen, pendant lights does it all: they provide overall light (that you can use for all-purpose illumination), aid in task lighting (when you want to focus light on a specific task area), and is superb in accent lighting (where you need to highlight specific areas).

In a working room such as your kitchen, task lighting takes on much significance that’s a bit hard to overemphasize. However, because you may have different lighting goals for every space in your kitchen, it is important to understand the type of pendant light that’s best suited for your needs.

Choosing the Right Pendant

For task lighting, it is important to go for a pendant that is open at the top to ensure that the light underneath is not too high or harsh. However, if you are looking for an overall light, then you are better off with space pendants that are evenly spread throughout your kitchen space or over your work area. Remember, the larger the kitchen space that you want to light, the bigger your pendants should be. Considerably small pendants are recommended over desk or sink areas.

Hanging Your Kitchen Pendant Lights the Right Way

While there are unprecedented decorative options for your pendants, installation is a very important consideration when it comes to doing your pendant lighting the right way:

• For an 8-fr ceiling, hang your pendants 12-20 inches below. For higher ceilings, you can add 3 inches. For instance, if your ceiling is 10-ft, your pendants should hang 15-24 inches below.

• For tables and countertops, provide approximately 30-36 inches clearance, especially for task lighting pendants.
• Endeavour to hang your pendants at heights that do not block views across your kitchen.

• Go for switches and dimmers that will allow you to easily adjust the level of your pendants to suit a particular task or mood.
Bottom Line

Today, pendant lights come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. So depending on your lighting goals and preferences, you are free to go with a style that does not only serve you well but also reflects your décor.

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