Fraser Island Whale Watching Tours

Fraser Island Whale Watching Tours

Humpback whales like to migrate to various subtropical and tropical locations around the world. The Fraser Coast is along the annual migration route of the Humpback whale. As a result, there are many different Fraser Island whale watching tours that are available for locals and tourists alike. It is an ideal way for whale watchers to see these beautiful creatures splash, play breed and feed.

There are plenty of fun things to see and do along Australia’s Fraser Coast, and humpback whale watching is one of them. Considering that there are only a few places in the world where there are guaranteed daily whale sightings during whale season, the Fraser Coast is one of the best places to experience this natural phenomenon.

An adult humpback whale can measure up to 52 feet in length and weight up to 33 short tons. Although it is the largest mammal on the planet, it is also a very majestic and graceful animal. It has often been called a gentle giant with many behaviors that make it a joy to watch. One of these particular behaviors is known as breaching. This occurs when a Humpback whale leaps and a minimum of 40 percent of its body is seen above the water.

This is why whale watching is very entertaining. Book a whale watching tour and spend a couple of relaxing hours soaking up the sun on the open ocean waters. Take in the beauty that the Australian coast has to offer. It is advised that you wear something comfortable, bring your sunscreen and get ready for one of the best shows that nature has to offer.

Most Fraser Island whale watching tours providers know exactly where to travel to find a large number of whales to watch, which means you won’t have to spend most of the tour searching for whales. However, it is advised that you choose a provider that offers whale sighting guarantees to ensure that your money is wisely spent. In the event that whales are not sighted, you should receive a refund or have the opportunity to reschedule the tour.

Enjoy your tour in the comfort of luxury. A tour guide and staff are available to help and offer commentary for your whale watching experience. In addition, most tour providers have both below and above deck viewing rooms for your viewing pleasure. The bottom line is that you will always have a perfect view of playful Humpback shenanigans.

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