About External Car Park Lighting

About External Car Park Lighting

The large concentration of vehicles and people inside car parks can make them tricky to navigate. These places have to be designed with the needs of the users in mind for maximum satisfaction. Internal and external car park lighting share many similarities but they also have differences that must be accounted for. Below are the goals and requirements for these designs:

The Goals of Car Park Lighting

1. Boost Confidence

Driving in the dark can be a scary situation. You aren’t sure where to go and how fast you should be moving. There might be a barrier, a person, or another vehicle in front of you but you might not be able to see it until it’s too late. Looking for your car in the dark can be an exercise in frustration. You might even trip and fall on your way there. We tend to be tentative in our movements to be on the safe side, but that will cause bottlenecks and other problems around the car park. The external car park lighting should be good enough to boost the confidence of those within the premises.

2. Minimize Confusion

Small car parks can be fairly easy to move through but massive ones can be a nightmare to navigate. There are endless twists and turns before you can get to the exit. If you fail to read the signs, then you might even go the wrong way and stare head-to-head with another driver. Getting out of such a predicament can be awkward. Adequate lighting should minimize the confusion by making all the signs and paths clearly visible.

3. Enhance Security

Darkness can also be used by malicious individuals as cover while they open cars to steal belongings — perhaps even the vehicles themselves. Someone could be lurking in the shadows waiting for the perfect opportunity to rob the drivers when they come back. They will think twice about conducting criminal activity if they know that they could be readily seen by the guards or their targets.

The Requirements for Lighting Elements

1. Brightness

The biggest issue with lighting fixtures is the amount of brightness that they can provide as measured in lumens. The quality of this light might also come into play. External parking means that the light will scatter over a larger area. The need for intense illumination is greater than in closed car parks.

2. Longevity

The acquisition and installation of the units will cost a significant amount of money. Business owners want to make sure that their investment is worth it. The lights must be able to last for a considerably long time to recoup their cost.

3. Efficiency

They should also be energy efficient to keep the operation costs low. Today, LED lights are among the best options when it comes to efficient illumination both for residential and commercial applications.

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