Everything You Need To Know About Air-core Drilling

Everything You Need To Know About Air-core Drilling

Aircore drilling is a widely used method of mining. This technique allows for drilling soil formation up to the desired depth. Unlike other methods of mining which usually require heavy machinery, aircore does not. This allows for optimal comfort and less disturbance to the environment during the drilling process. The equipment used here are fitted with different and sharp blades that ensure a good result in no time. The blades are attached to a hollow tube that sucks in loosened material and separates the desired sample from the rest of the material.

As mentioned above, this mining technique carefully collects the samples making sure that it minimal damage. On top of that, air-core drilling also analyzes the collected specimen in an effective way. This a really unique and efficient technique as compared to percussion rotary air blast drilling and others.

How it Works

Air-core drilling, in a nutshell, simply blasts up the material after compressing air into the hole. This mechanism ensures that you have an easy time selecting the samples from the original material. The process is effortless and without error.

Effective Drilling Results in Productive Mining

Air-core drilling has grown in popularity over the past few years. This technique has a proven drilling capability of up to 300 meters deep. With its level of efficient, this technique has enabled mining firms collect rich minerals much faster than the other methods. This technique ensures high-level of productivity and effectiveness.

Most people worry about contamination of materials during mining. However, this is something that can be easily avoided. With traditional methods, you are more likely to end up with contaminated samples, something that requires a lot of precaution to guarantee contaminant-free minerals. But with air-core drilling, this is not necessary. The risk of contamination is minimized because the samples are blown right up the hollow tube.


There are many benefits associated with air-core drilling. Below is a list of some of them:

  • The collected samples are as pure as the minerals below the earth’s surface. With this technique you end up with samples that are much more easier to analyze.
  • It is not necessary to survey the holes. This technique reduces the amount of hassle involved in the process as compared to other methods.
  • Minerals found deeper into the other can be easily mined. Air-core drilling has a capability of mining minerals found 300 meters under the surface.

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