Different Types Of EAP NSW Services

Different Types Of EAP NSW Services

Independent and confidential employee assistance programs are available to help you meet workplace and personal life challenges. The professional coaches and counselors offer confidential support services for work-related and personal issues. You get immediate access to coaching and counseling sessions. All your information remains strictly confidential at all times. The EAP NSW solution is effective in tackling issues like work-related stress, relationship matters, harassment grievances, personal crisis, trauma, and mental health concerns.

The EAP Provider’s Goals

The EAP NSW company wants to provide the best clinical care. A network of counselors and clinicians specializing in their respective fields helps employees. They have the skills and experience to offer psychological and other types of help. The EAP provider offers a scalable program that gives you quick access to quality clinical care services. Some companies focus only on corporate clients only but there are other companies that help other clients as well. Some of them even help the general public who are not part of any group or organization.

The Process to Access EAP Services

Contact the EAP provider’s office at its phone number or email address. You can contact it through its web portal as well. You are not held by any pre-purchase arrangement. Pay only for the services you use. These options have made the EAP services affordable and accessible even for small businesses. In the next step, choose the referral option. You can choose a self-referral or HR referral. The first one lets employees access these services directly and anonymously. Under the second option, an HR manager refers to the staff. Read the terms and conditions of the service. Print the document, sign it, and return it to the EAP services provider. You will receive a confirmation once the signed agreement is received and your account is registered.

Different Types of Services

EAP NSW provider offers different types of counseling services. Trauma counseling is offered in cases of serious injury, physical assault, verbal abuse, injury, fatality and armed holdup in the course of official work. Behavior management programs are offered to employees facing issues of abuse, violence, aggression, passive aggression and other inappropriate behaviors. Emotional well-being program takes care of mental and emotional issues including depression, anxiety, panic attack, stress, phobia, relationship issues, and other emotional conditions.

All these services alleviate the sufferings of the employees facing difficult physical and emotional conditions. You will receive a bespoke solution without any contract. Call now if you need help registering for EAP NSW plans.

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