Cancer Treatment South Yarra

Cancer Treatment South Yarra

There are a number of different treatments for cancer. The forms of treatment you will be subjected to will largely depend not only on the kind of cancer you have but how far it has advanced. A lot of individuals who are afflicted with cancer will undergo only one treatment. However, the majority of individuals undergo a combination of treatments like surgery with radiation therapy and/or chemotherapy. In addition, you may have immunotherapy, hormone therapy or targeted therapy.

Another option for cancer treatment South Yarra involves clinical trials. Clinical trials are basically research that involves the study of people. Being knowledgeable about what they are and the way they work can assist you in deciding if participating in a trial is a feasible option for you.

If you or a loved one are afflicted with cancer and need to have the disease treated, there are a lot of things for you to think about and learn; as such, having feelings of being overwhelmed and confused are quite normal. However, having a consultation with a specialist and gaining in-depth knowledge about the types of treatment methods available, including clinical trials, can assist you in making a decision that you will feel good about. Below are some of the methods currently available in South Yarra to treat cancer:

• Radiation Therapy

This type of cancer treatment involves the use of high doses of radiation to shrink tumors and destroy cancer cells.

• Surgery

When surgery is used as a treatment for cancer, the procedure involves the surgeon going into the afflicted area or areas of the body and ridding it of the disease.

• Immunotherapy

This type of treatment is intended to assist your immune system in fighting the disease.

• Chemotherapy

With chemotherapy, cancer is treated through the use of drugs that are designed to kill the cancer cells.

• Hormone Therapy

This type of cancer treatment is meant to slow or stop the growth of prostate and breast cancers that are known for using hormones to grow.

• Targeted Therapy

As the name suggests, this type of cancer treatment South Yarra targets the alterations in cancer cells that assist them in growing, dividing and spreading.

• Precision Medicine

This treatment method helps doctors in selecting treatments that are highly likely to assist patients according to a genetic understanding of the disease.

• Stem Cell Transplant

This type of cell transplants are carried out to restore blood-forming stem cells in patients afflicted with cancer; particularly the ones have had their cells destroyed by extremely high doses of radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

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