Byron Bay Pendant Lights

Byron Bay Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are becoming increasingly familiar due to their inherent charm. Installing these lights not only leaves your room well lit but also decorated. Byron Bay pendant lights feature a wide variety of designs; both for decorative and functional use. We evaluate the different designs and their use to help you make a more informed choice.

What are Pendants in Lighting?

Simply put, pendants are any light fixtures anchored to the ceiling through a cord, chain, rod, or any other means of suspension. Chandelier lights may be described as pendants but they are distinctive since they feature multiple stems or arms. Pendants fall into three broad categories namely ceiling pendants, pendant clusters, and pendant bar lights. Some manufacturers also prefer categorizing pendant lights as the bowl, bell, drum, linear, or mini type.

Ceiling Pendants

This term refers to single hanging lights suspended by a cord, chain, or rod. Ceiling pendant lights are usually big and installed in rows or groups for decoration. These lights come in various shapes and sizes to suit different needs.

Pendant Clusters

Pendant clusters feature numerous single-mounted lights grouped to form a cluster. The decoration is achieved by varying the sizes of the suspenders. When arranged, pendant clusters may form a spiraling shape or any other desired array. Some designs also involve hooking the flexible suspenders to the ceiling. Pendant clusters are great for dining rooms and staircase lighting.

Pendant Bar Lights/ Linear Lights

Pendant bar lights are suspended light fixtures with an additional bar-like structure supporting the lights. Bar lights are usually small in size but their collective lamination provides a great source of light. These lights are best suited for lighting kitchen islands, bars, and over long tables.

Classification by Shape

Some manufacturers classify pendants by the shape of their diffusers. Bowl pendants feature diffusers shaped like bowls whereas bell lights get their name from their bell-shaped diffusers. Shape pendant lights increase the flexibility of adding elegance into a room since they come in numerous designs. Besides, you can choose light diffusers made from jute, hemp, rattan, or any other fabrics. Lantern pendants are specially made to illuminate doorways. They feature a metallic cage with the sides made of glass.

Final thoughts

Installing pendants is a great way to light up a room as well as add its d├ęcor. It is important to know the desired length of suspenders before buying a pendant light. Feel free to discuss any technicalities with Byron bay pendant lights whenever shopping.

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