Bed Rails For Seniors

Bed Rails For Seniors

Bed rails are banks made of metal, plastic or wood which are used to prevent one from falling out of bed or helping one get into or out of bed without falling. Most often, the rails are put on either side of the bed. Bed Rails for Seniors, as suggested, are rails used by seniors in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and in everyday homes. As people get older; simple harmless things in a normal living environment, such as sleeping in a bed, could pose a safety hazard as the elderly could fall out of bed. Therefore, for safety, precautions like installing bed banks has become a regular habit which has proven useful.

Types of Rails

Bed rails for senior are basically categorized into two, namely: Permanently installed rails and Adjustable rails. For the permanently installed rails, they are permanently attached to the bed. Such rails are mostly found in hospital beds or any other FDA-regulated bed. Whereas, adjustable rails are rails that can be attached to and detached from the bed at any time. Currently, most of the rails are adjustable. The adjustable rails allow one to extend their length to cover most of the bed or fold the rail to allow a senior to get out or into bed with ease.


Installing adjustable banks for seniors is no rocket science. It is a matter of sliding the base tubes between the mattress and the box spring, then securing the rails with a safety strap to the opposite side of the bed.

Things to Consider When Purchasing

Buying bed banks has become convenient as various retailers are selling them online. They come in a large variety based on the prices and manufacturers. Since rails can be bought without a medical prescription, it is important to ensure that on is getting the right type. While purchasing, several factors are considered such as:

Bed Characteristics

This includes the size and make of the bed. The banks vary based on various bed characteristics. This is a major factor to consider.

Bed Height

Bed height profile is another important factor. The lower the bed, the lesser the chances of folding the rails and vise verse.

Weight Limit

Most rails have a weight limit. Thus, one is to check that before purchasing a rail. The rail should be able to support the weight of its user.

Safety Proofing

This is an optional factor but deserves to be considered. It involves buying protective padding to prevent any bump injuries acquired while the senior is asleep or avoid the risk of a limb getting caught in the rails.

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