4 Key Reasons To Opt For Folding Aluminium Wheelchairs Over Traditional Wheelchairs

4 Key Reasons To Opt For Folding Aluminium Wheelchairs Over Traditional Wheelchairs

Several conditions and afflictions may necessitate the need for a wheelchair including, motor neuron disease, spinal injuries, brittle bones, muscular dystrophy, and aging among others. The machines facilitate mobility and some level of independence. A folding aluminium wheelchair is becoming a favorite machine among a significant number of users. The machine is retractable, has adjustable backrest and footrest, and offers better comfort than the traditional counterparts. But why should you opt for folding aluminum chairs? Well, the following are some of the reasons why people are ditching regular machines in favor of folding wheelchairs.

1. Easy storage

Unlike the regular wheelchairs which require large spaces for storage, a folding wheelchair requires minimum storage space. The machine has retractable and removable parts that allow for easy folding and storage. Consequently, you won’t need to stash it in a shed or worry about the little space in your home. Moreover, it will take minimum space in hotel rooms and ship cabins.

2. Ease of use

The fact that the folding wheelchair can be folded brings makes it easy to use. You can easily fold and unfold the parts to store or set up the machine. Moreover, the wheelchair is made of aluminum, a light-weight but durable metal. So, you don’t need to put much effort when handling the machine, unlike the regular one which will require you to lift it whole when storing them or putting it in a vehicle.

3. Adaptable to any car

Undoubtedly, traditional wheelchairs require individuals to acquire expensive vehicles with larger spaces or add customizations such as elevators or ramps. Fortunately, a folding wheelchair serves to eliminate such inconveniences due to its smaller size upon folding. Thus, you can transport the equipment in a non-customized vehicle more easily. Moreover, you won’t need to spend extra money on customizations.

4. Provides a comfortable working environment for carers

Workers in care facilities have a hard time managing people using the traditional wheelchairs due to the inconveniences emanating from the machines. They are hard to use and store. The same problems apply to home care. Nonetheless, the lighter and retractable wheelchairs are easy to lift, store, and transport. This eases the work of carers and consequently provides them with a stress-free working environment.


It is clear that a folding aluminium wheelchair provides unmatched benefits to both the user and carer. The equipment is lightweight and easy to use and store. Additionally, you don’t need to purchase a car with a larger space or customize your car to meet the storage needs of the wheelchair.

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